Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Exciting News Updates

Unfortunately the update on life in Zimbabwe is getting worse, not better. Now, the people are resorting to eating raw food as the gov't has passed a law stating that they people may not burn wood in the city (gathered from the countryside.) So now, our friends are having to eat whatever food they can find uncooked.

While these reports are distressing and further emphasize what we must do (and quickly), I do have some exciting news on two fronts!

1) Our generous friends over at www.flosites.com have donated a completely custom blog to us! The blog should be finished anytime now. They always do such an amazing job, I can't wait to see how the blog turned out! And also on that note, the new address for the new blog will be www.wellsoflife.com, so change your bookmarks!

2) Three of our precious friends from Zimbabwe will be visiting the U.S. next month. They are the very people who are giving us news re: the need in Zimbabwe and I can't wait to see them. I am hoping to get some videos of each one to post on our new site along with photo galleries of the progress that is being made.

Again, thank you for reading. Please consider providing someone else with a lifetime of CLEAN, disease free water through your donation.