Friday, October 24, 2008

Zimbabwe Update

I realized that I never posted the FINAL information from our July trip on this blog!

For all of those who have helped donate $ to feed the orphans/displaced people of Zimbabwe, we are thrilled to announce the fruits of your labor (and donations). In July, our team was able to distribute:
-31 TONS of corn
-1698 lbs of beans
-748 candles
-225 gallons of cooking oil
-447 bars of soap
-1102 lbs of sugar
-868 lbs of salt
-447 boxes of matches
in 4 different locations! In summary, between Wells of Life donations and other private donations, just this amount of corn is feeding 3, 832 people for a month. The report is that some of the elderly people were so hungry that they were eating the ground corn meal straight from the bag and mothers were crying and smiling because now they could "go home and feed our children." The people were so hungry that both elderly and children were picking up whatever remnants of food had fallen to the ground long after the food was distributed. If you would like to make a difference by helping us to feed the hungry in Zimbabwe, remember that you can feed 4 people for a month with $10. 100% of your donation goes directly towards the purchase of food. Please contact us if you would like to help!