Sunday, February 3, 2008

Victor's Eyewitness Account

Victor is one of our readers who has recently returned from Zimbabwe. I was moved by what he shared about his experience there and he graciously agreed that we could post his comments on the front page so that everyone could have the benefit of reading his words. Thanks so much Victor for sharing your heart and experience with us and the world. Please feel free to share more.

"I was in Zim for the month of June, July, Aug and Sep. My experience was great and difficult at the same time. The people were so loving and grateful as you stated also. The financial situation was difficult for the people that I work with. Most of people that I worked with made about $4.00 USD a month and had to feed a family with that. I really learned, “we humans are resourceful”. Where I lived we had very few days of water, no electricity, no bread, or meat. On my return I stopped in Ireland and then back home to Ontario and almost cried of the abundance in our super markets. We are so blessed.

I had taken small gifts to the students that I was working with to pass O levels tests. I was told not to give them the gifts all at once, but over time I should do it. Well, I did just that. One day I had given the young adults a pencil each and a girl started to cry. I asked, what was wrong? The sister told me that the girl had never owned her own pencil. I was shocked! I latter told my students here in the States. They too could not believe it. I can’t express how much I received. I do believe that it is in giving we receive.

On my return home I had lost weight has had a multitude of experiences and was left transformed! Someone asked me why I had to go to Zimbabwe for a transformation? I said I’m not sure, I had worked here in my local area and in Los Angeles for many year with the poor and not been moved to see God’s love like this. All I can say is that God’s ways are not my ways.

May 2008 also bring you and yours many blessings!"

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