Monday, November 24, 2008

The Need

No clean water.  No electricity to pump water from the underground wells.

No food.  Grocery stores are empty.  Children are starving to death.
No medical care.  No doctors, no electricity, no medicine.
No hope.

Here at the intersection of a devastated economy and a corrupt government, the precious people of Zimbabwe are starving to death everyday.  I don't know the statistical numbers about how many are dying, but I do know that I can't imagine the horror of watching my own children thirst or starve to death. In current conditions, we are finding that caretakers are beginning to take their own lives simply because they cannot deal with watching the children die from starvation.

Our goal at the Wells of Life project is to provide life for those in Zimbabwe through donations, which are carefully distributed on the ground by personal friends of ours.  To find out more about our distribution process, click here.   We are proud to report that in 2008, Wells of Life has been a part of providing food for over 6500 people for a month!  AND one of our first wells in Harare struck fresh water earlier this year!

Every good thing in the world begins with a small step. This blog may not be much, but it is our attempt to let the world know what we can do together. I believe that there are people in this world who have resources to share and give, but desire to give to a worthy cause where they can be sure that their resource will not be wasted or divided up among "administrative costs." This is it! 100% of donations will go directly toward bringing hope and life to the people of Zimbabwe.

You may be wondering "What can I do that will make an impact halfway around the world?" Here are some areas where you can help!

--Link this blog to your website!  more exposure = more opportunity!
--Donate Blog Design skills!--we would like to make our blog more professional looking so that it appears as credible as the people behind it are.
--Donate money to help us provide food and fresh, clean water for the dying!--Just $10 will provide food for one family for an entire month!  EVERY CENT of your donation will help someone in Zimbabwe fill their empty and swollen bellies with food and clean water.

Please contact Julie Hamilton at or 951.660.3464 to find out more about how to make a tax deductible donation to the Wells of Life project.

It seems impossible, but it is true that YOU can make a difference in the life of a child on the other side of the world who is hungry and thirsty every single day.  Imagine the true story of one single widow who is attempting to care for her eight young grandchildren because all of her sons and daughters have died.  Then, we come to the house bringing gifts of beans, maize, candles, soap.  She's overwhelmed with the previously unattainable hope that the children can eat another meal.  With tears of joy, she is inexpressibly grateful for those who have blessed her life in such a way and YOU are a part of it!  We can do this together. Please consider partnering with us!

Sincerely, Julie and Damion Hamilton

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Justin Marantz said...

Wow! Great job guys! Let us know what we can do to help. I have a really simple code to make blog badges, so if you have a logo or catch phrase that you want to use, I'd be more than happy to make that for you. Anything else, just let us know! Blessings,
J & M